Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is based on the idea that our thoughts cause our feelings and behaviors. Through this therapeutic approach, we can change the way we think to feel and act better…even if the situation does not change.

Temperament Therapy

Temperament Therapy is the inborn part of you that determines how you react to people, places and things…how you interact with your environment and the world around you. Temperament pinpoints your perceptions of yourself and the people who love you. It is a determining factor in how well we handle the stresses and pressures of life.

Prayer Ministry

Pray Ministry focuses on seeking the Lord first, for His guidance and blessing. By walking into the Word, we discover His healing words for our wounded hearts. By receiving Him we are restored and eternally forgiven.

Come and be touched by the Healing power of the Lord - your true Savior.